EV312 Construction Furniture Industry and Trade LTD. STI. It is a private company. The head office of the company is in Ankara. The partners of the company are the distributors of many brands of the furniture industry throughout Turkey and produce furniture with their own brands in İnegöl, the heart of the furniture. By constructing EV312 AVM with a closed area of 30.000 m2 on the Istanbul road, they created a furniture shopping center and gathered Turkey's quality brands in this shopping center. . By realizing the 36-floor ELİZ TOWER project in Keçiören-Ovacık, the developing and growing location of Ankara, they brought 55 residences and 15 workplaces to Keçiören residents.

EV312 Construction Furniture Industry and Trade LTD. STI. They set out with ELİZ PARADİSE to sign the preferred brand projects of the region by bringing the quality and experience they offer to Ankara to Alanya. The basic principle of the company is the rapid production of high quality, functional, earthquake resistant structures.


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